Tribeca 2019

One of the worlds best film festivals held Apr 24, 2019 – May 5, 2019 in the great city of NYC needs more recognition. The big winner was a picture called 17 Blocks.


17 Blocks was directed by Davy Rothbart. The logline: Two decades of film footage shows the Sanford family struggling with addiction and gun violence before finding love and acceptance.  The script was created by screen writer  Jennifer Tiexiera. It’s a 96 minute documentary. Nine year old Emmanuel began filming himself and his family with a home video camera in 1999, capturing his Washington D.C. neighborhood through the eyes of an innocent child. The review “This incredibly touching non-fiction odyssey offers a remarkable look into the lives of one family who was brave enough to share their story with the world.”

Sundance 2019

Clemency won the grand jury prize this year. I haven’t heard about it. I see it’s going to be released by Neon in December. I wonder why the wait.IT’s filmed by Chinonye Chukwu an african american female. So go sundance with the diversity. Hopefully this film is good enough for some Oscar nominations.I see my buddy Richard Schiff the speech writer from west wing listed as part of the cast. He picks liberal projects so I’m expecting this film to have a unique voice and for it to have a strong message.